Grief & Bereavement Program

Grief is a very personal, highly individual experience, and the way we grieve depends on many factors: personality type, life experiences, religious/spiritual beliefs, and the nature of the loss itself. No one can control that aspect of life, but you can choose how you grieve and what you do with our grief. Sharing your feelings with the support of others is the single most important factor in healing from loss.

Volunteer Hospice offers several options available to anyone in the community, regardless of the circumstances of the death of your loved one:

  • Individual grief support with trained volunteers
  • Grief support groups, offered several times a year, in a structured environment, with trained facilitators
  • "Empower Yourself: practical workshops for living alone", helpful resources for adapting to the changes that come with loss, offered once a year
  • Annual Remembrance Ceremony, usually held in February


Grief Support Group, Port Angeles, Fridays, Aug. 23 - Sept 20, 2024